March 30, 2006

Breaking news: MCRI wins appeal

News on the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative via Chetly Zarko at Power, Politics & Money: It's final: Affirmative action issue on November ballot in Michigan.

Dawson Bell's Detroit Free Press headline, above, is my favorite, and it catches the mood. We have been through 2 years and two months of legal battles so far. It's final.

So far, here's the running tally against BAMN (By Any Means Necessary). A 3-0 appellate ruling in June 2004, overturning an activist circuit court judge. That decision was upheld in Dec. 2004 by a 4-3 decision refusing to review the case (note, the 3 who would have reviewed may not have voted against MCRI). In round two, BAMN lost a 3-0 court of appeals ruling (twice or three times, depending on how you count) and 6 out of 7 Supreme Court judges refused to hear the case. That's 9 out of 10 judges agreeing that there was no merit to BAMN's claims. 9 out of 10 judges is unheard of. Of the 9 judges, at least three known Democrats voted against BAMN. 3-4, to be precise. That is vast and deep support for the legality of MCRI, whether the judges agree with us or not on the issue, they did the right thing by the law.

More at the Detroit Free Press.

MCRI Homepage.

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Interesting referendum- could certainly spur higher than normal voter turnout. I guess these referendums will be used more and more by both parties to fire up the so-called bases.

Posted by: AJ Lynch at March 31, 2006 11:53 AM

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