March 29, 2006

Dopey WNJ Letter of the Week

This week's winner is Richard McAloon of Middletown who writes:

If your purpose in publishing columns by Ellen Goodman is to stir up the angst of your readership, congratulations, you succeeded!

Her latest column, "Gay couples can make good parents," is the latest in an overall promotion to normalize the gay/lesbian culture into our society. I don't understand why we have to consistently be told that this form of "family unit" is normal and to include it in our reasoning of "what's best for the child" when it comes to adoption.

C'mon, Rich. I highlighted the word "can" in the title of Goodman's column because that's precisely the point -- gay couples CAN make good parents!! Why is this some sort of revelation? Goodman does occasionally use over-the-top lingo, but she's absolutely correct in her title here.

While it may not be the ultimate situation for a child in which to be brought up, it certainly beats the hell out of [rotating] foster homes, and in many (most?) cases even single-parent homes.

In a more sensible vein, Chip Irons also of Middletown scribbles:

I must constructively criticize your policy of not including a person's race when reporting crimes. Your policy is especially disturbing when you report a crime where the suspect is not yet caught.

On March 1 you reported "Dover police seek bearded man in rape". You stated he drives a 4-door, blue Chevrolet. Without stating race, how can the public assist in locating the suspect?

Detectives are seeking assistance, but your policy makes this difficult. Is not a person's race part of the factual reporting of the news?

Regarding a criminal act, one would think so, Chip! But, you see, the News Journal has a nagging tendency to view things through a politically correct racial lens. That's the bottom line, sir. Unfortunately.

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When I read that first letter this morning, I immediately thought of your "Dopey Letter" feature. What a treat to have you address it tonight.

Posted by: Mike M. at March 29, 2006 06:24 PM

Hube, I agree with you and the reader, that not publishing the race of a wanted suspect is stupid. A fact is a fact, period. However, I disagree in two respects with what he wrote:

1) he objects when it's about someone already arrested? What newspaper has ever printed the race of a person arrested? That would clearly be inappropriate, extraneous info.

2) Vague descriptions are useless. Frequently we hear a ridiculously general description of a black male, as laid out by cops. If a description is completely unhelpful, it ought not be included.

And you do not, I note, extrapolate the News-Journal's "politically correct" tendencies out to the larger media. But had you done so, I'd definitely have to take issue with any broader thesis about the media being politically correct when it comes to blacks and crime. Because in this area, the media sure as hell isn't "liberal."

Bernard Goldberg, oddly enough, devoted an entire chapter to proving that the media is culturally insensitive/racist/busy painting black people as monsters in Bias. I have no frickin' clue how that was supposed to relate to his thesis of a liberal bias. But then, the book was 80% utter drivel. ;)

Posted by: dan at March 29, 2006 07:13 PM

dan: Yes, that is a good point where the guy writes "especially disturbing when you report a crime where the suspect is not yet caught." As if it would be what -- merely disturbing if they didn't report the race when the suspect was nabbed? Good call.

I didn't extrapolate about the WNJ mainly b/c regular readers of it here in DE already know how they'll inject race (usually politically correctly) into any article they can when it's at all remotely possible.

As for Bias, to which chapter are you referring? I just found my copy and the only one you could be referring to is "Where Thieves and Pimps Run Free." If that is indeed the one, I'd suggest re-reading it. It hardly says the media portray blacks as "monsters;" what Goldberg argues is that liberals are hypocrites when it comes to race in many respects b/c many of their TV shows' audiences are predominately white, thus they do not feature many black characters on their shows and newsmagazine shows. IOW, when ratings matter more than being "diverse," ratings ($$) will win. This is a different thing than TV or print news being PC in their gathering and reporting of the news.

I fail to see how that relates to newspapers neglecting to report the race of suspects (which, I believe Goldberg addressed in Arrogance -- I'll have to double check ... either he or someone else wrote about how, for example, it is policy at the Philly Inquirer not to report the race of suspects, and that black writers/editors actually have veto power on stories dealing with blacks/minorities) especially in a fairly evenly divided city (white-black) like Wilmington, DE.

Posted by: Hube at March 29, 2006 08:12 PM

Not that I mind, but if you keep this up you are going to upset Rove's plan to use gays to get African-Amercians to vote for the Republicans.

Posted by: jason at March 30, 2006 09:06 AM

" couples CAN make good parents!!"

So can a man whose sexual behavior deviates from the monogamous norm that is held up currently that promotes the general welfare of children.

The very fact that you are reduced to such language indicates that there is a problem with setting general policies that impact the general welfare based on a: "This can happen, sometimes..." type of reasoning.

You can drive on the wrong side of the road without getting into an accident. Yet that is not a valid argument for removing the lines.

Posted by: mynym at April 3, 2006 09:38 PM

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