March 26, 2006

Best T-shirt seen at rally + more

Via Michelle Malkin:

The Muslim Action Committee is up in arms over this London demonstration:

Despite being asked by the organisers not to bring placards with cartoons, and despite literally thousands of requests by Muslims and others that the police should prevent people carrying these offensive images, some protestors carried placards with the cartoons on and when Muslims who were present complained to the police, no action was taken. We condemn those secular extremists who attended who seem intent in damaging good community relations rather than building them.

Here's a declaration made by organizers of the march:

“The strength and survival of free society and the advance of human knowledge depend on the free exchange of ideas. All ideas are capable of giving offence, and some of the most powerful ideas in human history, such as those of Galileo and Darwin, have given profound religious offence in their time. The free exchange of ideas depends on freedom of expression and this includes the right to criticise and mock. We assert and uphold the right of freedom of expression and call on our elected representatives to do the same. We abhor the fact that people throughout the world live under mortal threat simply for expressing ideas and we call on our elected representatives to protect them from attack and not to give comfort to the forces of intolerance that besiege them.”

Peter Tatchell, a Green Party member, wonders why more leftists don't come out in support of free speech:

“Sections of the left moan that the rally is being supported the right. Well, if these socialists object so strongly why don’t they organise their own demo in support of free speech? The truth is that is that some of the left would rarely, if ever, rally to defend freedom of expression because they don’t wholeheartedly believe in it. Mired in the immoral morass of cultural relativism, they no longer endorse Enlightenment values and universal human rights. Their support for free speech is now qualified by so many ifs and buts. When push comes to shove, it is more or less worthless.”

Yep. Just check out "progressive" San Francisco recently!

Elsewhere, the New York Times provides a somewhat fitting example of the "immoral morass of cultural relativism" with this nugget about Abdul Rahman, the Muslim on death row for converting to Christianity:

The case had fueled feelings among many here of a sense of assault against Islam worldwide, coming after widely publicized cases involving the desecration of the Koran in Guantánamo Bay in 2004 by American soldiers interrogating prisoners and, more recently, cartoons published in Europe of the Prophet Muhammad.

Dr. Mohammad Ayaz Niyazi, an Egyptian educated in Islamic law, who attended one of the gatherings today, said, "There have been serial attacks on the Islamic world recently, starting with insulting the Holy Koran Quran, insulting the prophet of Islam, and now converting to Christianity by an Afghan."

The list of "serial attacks" against other religions by Muslims is far too lengthy to mention here. In fact, it'd probably take several editions of the Times to print them all.

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In light of the assaults by Islam upon human rights and human dignity, I would suggest that attacking Islam is a necessity for one to be considered a moral individual.

Heck, I think the day may not be far off when it is necessary for the free nations of the world to engage in a campaign of de-slmaification similar to the campaign engaged in to de-Nazify Germany following WWII.

Posted by: Rhymes With Right at March 26, 2006 11:29 AM

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