March 18, 2006

Another Dopey WNJ Letter

The solution to GM's problems is to ... buy more American cars? So says Susan Matthews of Newark. She continues:

I went to the bank the other day and there were nine cars in the parking lot. Seven out of nine of the vehicles there were foreign; two were American made.

I went to the mall and walked down one aisle and there were 38 vehicles and 29 out of 38 were foreign. So stop complaining and whining about what the government is doing to us, and start helping by purchasing American made and American owned.

We the people of the USA, are not helping with what is going on, if we do not support our own companies in America.

While I can appreciate the sentiment, I find it very difficult to believe that the American consumer is responsible for GM's woes, or those of any domestic car manufacturer, or that we should all just purchase American-made cars just to preserve [what may be] a flawed company (or at least flawed co. policies).

Recall what occurred back in the 1980s when Japan owned almost 50% of the American automobile market? Why was that? Were Americans being "unpatriotic"? Hardly. They were responding like typical consumers by purchasing a better product for a better price. Eventually, domestic car makers wised up and began making better cars.

Personally, I still believe most foreign car companies are superior to domestic ones (as I noted here). That being said, I think many, if not most folks, will pay a bit more for better quality. Some American cos. fit that description; for example, Converse shoe co. used to make all their sneakers in the USA. They don't anymore, but besides their prices being a bit lower, the quality has suffered tremendously in my opinion. There was a time when Converse "Dr. J's" were the only basketball shoes I'd buy. They cost a bit more, but they'd last for friggin' ever. I've yet to encounter a b-ball shoe to equal it since.

One bad experience is enough to keep a customer away. In automobiles' case, I saw my parents go through American lemon after American lemon when I was growing up (a Ford Torino, Dodge Horizon, some other Ford whose make I can't recall), and then my very first car was a Chrysler New Yorker. Ugh. Then my folks wised up, bought Japanese, and were content. My second car was a Toyoto Corolla. Ran like a dream. After "Dr. J's" were discontinued by Converse (and they began making their shoes abroad), I tried Reebok. The damn things fell apart after about four months. Never again, Reebok. And again, as noted here, I already got burned attempting to try an American car again.

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I bought a Suzuki Forenza six months ago, and love it. Why did I buy it? Price, and the fact that the GM/Suzuki partnership makes it like driving a GM car in terms of styling.

And let's not forget that a number of those "foreign" cars in the lots are made right here in America, while a number of the "American" cars are manufactured/assembled in Canada or Mexico -- or at least have a lot of foreign content.

Posted by: Rhymes With Right at March 18, 2006 11:59 AM

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