March 15, 2006

Jay Bennish is back, and ...

SCSU Scholars notes Jim Paines' observation (emphasis mine):

The first thing to happen, for example, when 'geography teacher' Jay Bennish's anti-American rant was made public was an attack from Bennish's attorney on Sean Allen, the high school student who recorded and then publicized Bennish's 20-minute in-class diatribe. If Bennish were courageously Speaking Truth To Power, why then was he so eager to condemn the agent of that Truth's broad dissemination? And parenthetically, is anyone besides me just a tad tired of the phrase "speaking truth to power"? The phrase implies brave speech in the face of terrible retribution, but what retribution has Bennish faced? He's back teaching classes, albeit with the apparent promise to present both sides of whatever argument he's discussing (what a huge concession; I had always assumed—wrongly, it turns out—that that was the responsibility of every educator).


Oh, and by the way, as Bennish's attorney even admitted, Allen recording Bennish in class was not illegal. Colorado only requires one party's consent for taping a conversation.

UPDATE: This teacher was axed for showing a clip from the opera "Faust." "Several parents complained that the video, which Waggoner got from the school library, contained references to abortion and Satan worship."

And get this -- the video didn't even feature real actors. It starred sock puppets.

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I don't recall anything that mentioned Allen (and his parents) had approached Bennish before he resorted to taping him. IMO, that would've been the appropriate first step. That, or contact the school admin. Taping him as a first step is a bit, well, "swarmy."

Posted by: Hube at March 15, 2006 05:27 PM

Sock puppets? Herr Wagner is surely spinning in his grave.

Posted by: G Rex at March 16, 2006 09:49 AM

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