March 14, 2006

Garrett demonstrates what happens ...

... when you assume.

Ah, yes, Delaware's most famous lefty (and emotional) blogger has a recent post up accusing us here of being "censors." Regardless of the fact that it shows he still doesn't get the meaning of the term, Garrett assumes we purposely reject certain linked websites because of their political content. Garrett, in this case, wanted to use a link to Common Dreams (apparently it works in posts, eh?) in a comment here at CoR.

The problem, as I once encountered myself when trying to link to a story in comments, is that our MuNu server spam filter sometimes -- erroneously -- prevents legitimate URLs from being linked. (In my case it was a link to a USA Today story, of all things.) All Garrett had to do was either inquire -- in comments or e-mail -- what the deal was, and we'd have replied.

But nah -- Garrett "knows" how dastardly us right-wingers are! We just HAD to prevent him from adding that nasty URL to our comments! We cannot handle dissent! Our sensiblilities are too delicate!

I wonder if Mr. "I'm Quick to Ask for an Apology" will offer us one over his silly emotional post? Nope. Just check out the comments section -- Garrett remains firm in his "disbelief." We're lying, and that's that.


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Did you ever notice how a lot of these "progressive" bloggers sound totally unhinged? I visited Garret's blog and he sounds paranoid too. To be fair, maybe I sound that way to progressives. If you need futher evidence of what I am saying, go read a few posts by another "progressive" Philly blogger at

Posted by: AJ Lynch at March 15, 2006 02:35 PM

I read somethig once that whichever party is out of power has all the "crazies" of that period. Fir example, the above discussion and those during the 90s who were pushing "The Clinton Chronicles" arguing he was involved in the drug trade and had scores of people murdered. (To show the synergy between these hysterics, Bush the Elder is now claimed to have been involved in the saem drug ring that Clinton supposed worked with.)

Posted by: Paul Smith at March 16, 2006 03:30 PM

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