March 12, 2006

"Should have used a different dictator ...

... when comparing President Bush to Adolf Hitler in a geography class." So says controversial teacher Jay Bennish through his attorney David Lane. Bennish also told school officials he should "have balanced each lecture rather than the course as a whole."

Well, at least he's making more sense as he goes along, I suppose.

The Denver Post notes that "disciplinary action was taken against [Bennish], though Superintendent Monte Moses declined to provide details." Most likely the action was a reprimand with instructions to provide a more balanced approach to controversial subject matter. (The Rocky Mountain News reports just this.) Superintendent Moses said

"The district values the principles of free speech and academic freedom, but expects them to be applied within the context of district policy, professional ethics, and common sense. As our policy states, 'Like any freedom, academic freedom carries responsibilities. It is not a license for abuses. It may not serve as a cloak for indoctrination.' "

Which is how it should be, of course, as I've said previously. Bennish doesn't seem like a bad guy, just misguided -- especially on how to present lessons in the classroom. His college education professors sure didn't help him in that regard, though!

Hopefully now, this whole incident will die out -- as it never should have been so prominent in the first place, really.

(h/t: EdWonk.)

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