March 05, 2006

The "No, really??" statement of the week

In today's Wilmington News Journal under the headline "Del. experts try to explain Muslims' anger," we are treated to this amazing piece of insight:

"Muslims take their religion and their religious symbols -- and particularly God, the Quran and the prophet -- very seriously," said Muqtedar Khan, an assistant professor of political science and international relations at the University of Delaware.

"There is a tremendous respect ingrained in Muslims about the prophet Muhammad and all of the prophets," added Kahn, who teaches courses on Islam and global affairs as well as Middle Eastern and South Asian politics.

Not mentioned by Khan: some Muslims take it so seriously that they feel it "right" and "just" to kill, maim, and generally wreak havoc upon others.

Also not mentioned by Khan: how a "religion of peace" is constantly misinterpreted to allow such.

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