February 13, 2006

Muslim students views on the Danish boycott

Via Greg at Rhymes With Right comes an excellent article about an American professor's (in the United Arab Emirates) Muslim students' views about the recent events surrounding the Danish Mohammed cartoons, and subsequent boycott of Danish goods.

There are many good individual blog posts by these students. One struck me in particular. "Furgan" writes:

The boycott has not been imposed by any government but it's been done voluntarily by the people. Don't they have the freedom to choose what they want to boycott? ...

Basically due to a few in Danes [sic] the entire Danish economy is going to suffer the consequences. They have lost their Muslim customers. The Danish companies will have to strive very hard to come back. Muslims have boycotted any company that it associated with Denmark. If a company owns any strategic assets with any link to Denmark it is facing a bad time.

Absolutely! This is democracy in action! When people talk about "free speech," or "free expression," there is possibly no greater "expression" than speaking via your pocketbook or wallet. Public-inspired boycotts of companies or governments (local as well as national) are perfectly legitimate forms of voicing one's views. Such were used extensively in the US civil rights movement. When entertainers have said something [very] controversial, some have advocated boycotting the entertainers' music or movies. Free of speech does not mean one is free from criticism. And again, one of the best ways to "criticize" is with your greenbacks!

"Siddharth" adds:

Well according to me the whole issue has been blown out of proportion. Yes I agree that a particular religion should not be branded with wrongful adjectives that spark emotional outbursts amongst its followers. clearly they were wrong in publishing the photos but first amendment rights and freedom of press and free speech should not be compromised to keep people not even living the country the article was published happy. so overall the danish newspaper was wrong in doing what they did but equal blame should go on the fanatical muslims which is by the way a very small population in the world for over-reacting with violence as their key.

What ever happened to peaceful demonstrations?

Exactly. I don't know of anyone that has said actually printing the cartoons was "a good idea" for its own sake; however, the paper definitely had the right to publish them. Just like Andres Serrano had the right. Just like NBC had the right. Like Ted Rall has the right.

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thanks for the link!

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