February 04, 2006

Good thing Matt Donegan doesn't live in the UK

As the debate continues to rage over whether the Dover Post's decision to fire Matt Donegan was justified, it could be worse for Matt -- if he lived in the United Kingdom:

BNP leader Nick Griffin will face a retrial on two race hate charges after being cleared by a jury at Leeds Crown Court of two other charges.

Party activist Mark Collett, who was acquitted of four similar charges, will also stand trial again on a further four race hate charges.

Mr Griffin, 46, and Mr Collett, 24, had denied using words intended to stir up hatred in West Yorkshire in 2004.

What did the two say that resulted in these "race hate" charges? Griffin called Islam a "wicked vicious faith." Collett gave a speech where "he described asylum seekers as 'a little bit like cockroaches.'" He also said in another speech "let's show these ethnics the door in 2004."

Unkind? Nasty? Even racist? Sure. But consider the difference between these two and Matt Donegan: The UK duo were acquitted of these "race hate" charges -- brought by the government -- but the government plans to retry them on further (similar) charges! Matt Donegan's blog entries, it could be argued, were nastier -- but there has been absolutely NO government prosecutorial action taken against him. He suffered the "wrath" of his private employer.

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