January 24, 2006

Scourge incorporated

The Delaware blogosphere "scourge," better known as "Jason," is upset that I have banned his commenting on Colossus. He was warned, kept at it, and hence has suffered the consequences, such that they are. (If he's bright enough -- a big "if," mind you -- he'll realize a way around it. But don't hold your breath.)

It certainly isn't our policy to ban commenters who engage in reasonable conversation about the topic at hand, offer a bit of insight, and even a totally dissenting POV, etc. However, the "scourge" doesn't do any of that. His moonbat Bush hatred permeates all that he writes/comments, and frankly, he has his own site to utilize as a sort of Delaware Democratic Underground. We don't want that garbage here. It's our site -- private property, so to speak.

Also, I've enabled the name and e-mail requirement for commenting at Colossus. An "anonymous" who had posted often here (and at the "scourge's," too, apparently) seems to think this is to prevent him from commenting. Hardly. It is merely an anti-spam measure, albeit a small one. But as any blogger knows, any anti-spam tactics are useful. You can still post anonymously -- just use a pseudonym and "phony" e-mail if you wish.

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See, I knew you were a fascist all along! You right-wing nuts can't handle the truth, so you try to squelch it! This is so typical.

Hee hee hee!

Posted by: G Rex at January 24, 2006 05:37 PM

I have to admit banishing someone seems harsh and maybe overboard. It's like the death penalty guys!!

Can I plead his case and suggest let's say a 30 day sentence??? Jason could be annoying but reminded one why sites likes yours are sought out. It has reasoned conversation versus the hysterical cacophony at places like huffington, dailykos and du sites.

Posted by: AJ Lynch at January 24, 2006 06:04 PM

AJ: Rhodey banned scourge for only a week or so last time. I doubt it'll be permanent this time, too.

Posted by: Hube at January 24, 2006 06:17 PM

Speaking of censoring comments, why were all the anti-Ron Williams comments deleted from an item on Al Mascitti's blog?

Posted by: I. Cantsay at January 24, 2006 08:50 PM

No idea. I just wish Al would update the blog more than once per month! ;-)

Posted by: Hube at January 24, 2006 09:07 PM

I didn't ban Jason from my blog, but I did request him to go away. Between comments on my blog and others, I got tired of him deliberately misrepresenting others' views and then attacking the misrepresentations. (He seemed fond of saying "What you're upset is this..." and then attacking his invented motivation.)

After accusing him of being a Republican trying to make Democrats look bad, I told him to grow up or go away. He hasn't commented since.

Posted by: Paul Smith at January 25, 2006 09:42 AM

my my, old Jason wore out his welcome....I hope he gets a reprieve and reduced sentence too!!
30 days in the hole should do, No?

Al's blog got snipped by 20 some somments, not all of them about Williams or Gordonbery. I made at least one about Paul Clark and Pam Scott and a friend of mine put up the campaign contribution link for Paul (Scott) Clark and it was swept away never to return...at least not the last time I checked.

Will Ron be fired???

Al had some coy comments on WDEL today about something being up and how he would say more later so who knows? I thought maybe he was leaving but that was before I got wind of the big "friends of Gordonbery" censorship scam.

Posted by: Nancy Willing at January 25, 2006 07:48 PM

Hmm, Friends Of Gordonberry or FOG as in obfuscate. Makes sense.

Posted by: G Rex at January 26, 2006 12:54 PM