January 20, 2006

What's wrong with it?

That's what the America Blog asks about college speech codes and "rules of behavior." Sarcastically stating "Holy cow! Next thing you know those darn colleges are going to tell us women have the right to vote and black people can swim in our pool," AB then goes on to list several examples of colleges who engage in the rules-making:

* A ban on "insults, taunts, or challenges directed toward another person" (Appalachian State University).
* A practice of outlawing "statements of intolerance" (North Carolina Central University).
* A requirement that all students "respect the dignity of all persons" and "strive for the openness to learn from differences in people" (UNC Asheville).
* A policy outlawing "disrespect for persons" (UNC Greensboro).

AB asks, sardonically:

[But] seriously, how twisted are these self-proclaimed holier-than-thou pseudo-religious groups that they feel threatened by campus codes that require students to "respect the dignity of all persons" and "strive for the openness to learn from differences in people." What exactly are conservative Christian activists promoting that they're afraid of these kind of campus policies?

Sheesh. Here's what the problem is, AB: A "statement of intolerance," for example, can -- and has -- been attributed to those who speak out against affirmative action (anyone recall all the hubbub about affirmative action bake sales?). Ward Connerly could be charged. (But, of course, those protesting him -- attempting to not him speak period -- wouldn't face admin. punishment.) Here's an excellent post about this foolishness, too. This may be even better.

And then there's "disrespect for persons." What does that mean? Is this an example of "disrespect"? Or this? Or this? I could go on and on and on.

Here's why AB sees no problem with campus codes: They enforce what AB believes in. And what better to "get your point across" than by not letting the other party say what they think.

An excellent overview of this nonsense can be found at The Fire.

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