January 08, 2006

More public ed. black eye

Rhymes With Right notes the ridiculous situation in the Washington DC public schools:

D.C. School Superintendent Clifford B. Janey has notified 1,100 uncertified teachers -- about 25 percent of the system's teaching force -- that they will lose their jobs if they do not obtain proper credentials by June 30.

Most of those teachers have expired provisional licenses or have not submitted proof of a valid D.C. teaching license. Janey said yesterday that he took the action because the teachers had been warned repeatedly that they were in danger of being dismissed if they did not comply. (My emphasis.)

RWR offers:

Now I understand that there are folks on various and sundry temporary certificates in classrooms. When I moved to Texas from Illinois, I was put on such a certificate until I passed the state certification test down here. I have colleagues who are on such certificates as they go through intesively monitored alternative certification programs. But none of us would have ever been allowed to stay in the classroom past the expiration of such a certificate unless we could produce a valid permanent certificate! How is it that so many folks in Washington have been allowed to do so?

The districts I'm familiar with wouldn't allow it either, RWR.

And then the local teachers union opines on the DC matter, of course. They have the gall to say the district should have provided "professional development" for these uncertified teachers:

[DC union president George] Parker said that exceeding the federal requirements is "a good objective" but that school officials "have the responsibility to put in place professional development and training to help teachers become certified."

Why, George? Isn't it the individual teacher's responsibility? It sure was for the teachers I know. They had to take additional coursework on their own time, and it was only "provided" (re: offered) at local universities. Their districts offered NO certification courses. They were too busy offering education for their students.

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