January 07, 2006

Battlestar Galactica mid-season opener

Not gonna opine much on last night's big "resolution" to the awesome cliffhanger from back in September, mainly 'cause it turns out the whole deal is a three-parter. The frackin' conclusion will be next week! But here's what we learned last evening:

  • The [humanoid] Cylons can indeed die. The captured Number 6 aboard the Pegasus wants to die -- badly -- and she begs Baltar to kill her. "But," Baltar says, "they'll just download your consciousness to another body." Ohhh -- not so fast! There's those great photos of a mysterious Cylon ship that Starbuck took in their new "stealth" fighter. The Pegasus Number 6 informs Baltar that that is a "resurrection ship" (the title of episode, by the way) -- where "dead" Cylons get their new bodies (but keep their "consciousness"). Destroy that, and the humanoid Cylons, once axed, remain so.

  • Admiral Cain (Michelle Forbes) is indeed nuts. We discover that the Pegasus once had a small civilian fleet accompanying it, but Cain ordered those ships stripped of all materiel, and all personnel that were deemed "important" were conscripted to Pegasus. Those who resisted were ... shot. The civilian ships, once sans their faster-than-light drives were left to the "mercy" of you-know-who (the Cylons, natch).

  • Oh, did I forget September's cliffhanger? Silly me. Starbuck's arrival from her recon mission averts the two Battlestars' clash of Vipers.

  • Tyrol's and Helo's execution is averted -- for now.

  • The mistrust between Commander Adama (Edward James Olmos) and Cain reaches fever pitch. Even President Roslin tells Adama that Cain is loony, and suggests Adama have her killed! Adama is initially incredulous, but then we see the episode's closing moments: After a mission briefing where the two Battlestars prepare to annihilate the Cylon "resurrection ship," we see Cain privately telling her first officer to prepare to take over the Galactica, while elsewhere Adama tells Starbuck that he wants to her to remain on Pegasus's bridge after the mission -- and then shoot Admiral Cain in the head!

The conclusion next week should be frackin' spectacular.

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