December 29, 2005

Live-blogging WDEL appearance of Dana Garrett, et. al.

It is 1:10pm and Dana Garrett of Delaware Watch is on the air with host Gerry Fulcher, along with others on the left side of the spectrum such as Liz Allen(!), Mike Melloy (oops, he's a conservative!), Richard Korn.

1:14: Dana is intro'ing himself. Great radio voice. Fulcher interrupts with some irrelevancies and then asks everyone if they get paid for their activism. They all answer "no."

1:17: Someone keeps harummphing due to a congested throat!

1:19: Fulcher says that virtually all "activists" happen to be liberals who make no $$ for their efforts and indeed spend some of their own $$ for their cause(s).

1:25: Fulcher says Delawarean politicos ignore people whether they act properly or act like madmen. He uses Harris McDowell(?) as an example of who claimed this fact. He segues to Liz Allen who says she's been an activist for 45 years. Married to a Vietnam vet. Believes in the 2nd Amendment wholeheartedly(!). Says she cannot be pigeonholed into any "label."

1:28: Fulcher states that sometimes people "have to scream" to get their point across. Korn invokes "passion" for a cause. Agrees with Fulcher on "screaming." Korn says it's not "the party but the KIND of people we put into office" (in Delaware).

1:34: Caller says "Gilpin" situation solved from yesterday. He said just a phone call can work for "activism."

1:36: Caller Cindy asks guests about all the time they put in for their causes and other stuff. Liz claims that all her activism has taken toll on her health. Mike discusses his other interests besides activism. Richard does same. Discusses Venezuela oil deal. Dana plugs his blog! (Good man!) Says family time very important (good man, again!). Fulcher claims never had a vacation in 68 years....that he "doesn't know how to relax."

1:39: Korn notes that they all came out of 60s activism (except maybe Mike). Discusses all he was involved in. Liz says she's never "needed a lot of sleep." Says politics is "her relaxation." Claims she has a "great sense of humor"(!). Claims many radio pundits are "destroying democracy." Says WDEL's Rick Jensen "angers her."

1:45: A Rev. Thornton calls in to thank Liz for "being a great citizen." Criticizes Melloy for criticizing city officials about Wilmington's crime. Says "we all" have to get involved. Mike responds: "Easy to look at other cities" (as the rev. brought up). Gives stats about Wilmington's crime. States that the city's violence problem way worse than rest of New Castle County. Says must hold elected officials in Wilm. accountable. Fulcher tries to claim crime figures same. Melloy claims per capita basis makes his case. Liz says "cannot turn city into police state." Melloy says many people want more cops in the city.

1:55: Jack calls in. Says Liz has uttered many boners over the many months. (That Kerry "won" Florida and Ohio, captured bin Laden, Bush had a nervous break-down, etc.). Liz rebuts. Claims Jack gets his news from "censored" news (like Fox). Dana chimes in that he's amazed people "keep score" of how many errors people make.

1:59: Bill calls and states that he "appreciates" Liz "correcting" Jensen when he's on the air. Queries about child abuse. Liz states that DE essentially "sanctions" child abuse and that she'll have her daughter (who knows a lot about the subject) assist Bill in his child abuse queries.

2:08: Frank calls in and brings up a bill about upcoming redistricting, term limits, open government and more. Fulcher asks about chances of getting these passed. Fulcher asks about Dana blog sources. Says he gets info from many sources. Says it's "completely outrageous" that DE politicians meet behind closed doors and then say "it's none of your business." Liz says there will soon be a website devoted to "best practices" and all politicians "will have to address" various topics "important to the people." Melloy brings up Christina Gateway Corp. and Wilmington Renaissance Corp.

2:14: Caller Joan asks why can't many groups come together for various causes. Liz brings up recent environmentalist schism. Fulcher claims governor will pass environmental bill if Green Alan Muller is off the panel (or whatever). Melloy chimes in that "sunshine" is best for any policy hearings and decisions. Public input and invitation are a must, he says. Get away from the "Delaware Way." Dana chimes in on Alan Muller flap. Says it's outrageous, and in no way democratic. Says Minner should "see a therapist" if she is that touchy about Muller's personality. Wow!

2:25: John Flaherty calls in. He's a paid lobbyist. Fulcher says he's "the people's lobbyist," paid for by a foundation (I believe he said). Supports John Carney on the environmental issue, and recommends, if you disagree, not just criticizing but doing something about it. Liz claims "Republicanism and enviromentalism" is an oxymoron. Flaherty claims Liz is "profiling." (Good analogy!)

2:29: Karen calls in with child abuse activism group information. Says school reaction (among others') to claims of abuse frequently unheeded. (Hard break ... Karen will be held over.)

2:33: Karen continues about child abuse. Says legislators not taking situation seriously. Wants more funding. Dana asks if school officials went to Karen instead of the press b/c they feared reprisals. Brings up how silly it is that state employees who're hired to do a job fear reprisals! (Good point.) Liz brings up state employee named Vince Marconi(?) whom she claims only sees people as numbers and only cares about $$.

2:39: Susan calls in. Says people need to support the groups involved in the environmental situation discussed earlier. Says great way to "get involved" is send in a donation. Fulcher agrees that financial matters sometimes overlooked by "activists."

2:45: After break, Susan continues about child abuse and activism in general.

2:46: Floyd describes DE politics as essentially "worst in the world." Praises Alan Muller and John Flaherty. Rips DE healthcare system. Says DE political culture is "worst in the world" (again). Wow. Dana chimes in on healthcare, calling it a "moral scandal" for the country. Compares it to Cuba (Cuba being better, obviously). Melloy counters by bringing up that Americans don't give much thrift to taking care of themselves. Liz says "capitalism" is to blame for bad healthcare. Blames Republicans. Dana says "it's great that we all learned today that all we have to do is eat well and exercise and we'll never get sick." (This is probably the best exchange of the show.)

2:55: Darlene from ACORN calls in. Says all activists should all work together. Kum-ba-yah stuff. Not very specific.

2:56: Steve calls in. Asks what "activist" means. Activist to him means working w/people and not always criticizing and haranguing others. Brings this up to Liz, specifically, that she calls people "idiots" etc. She needs to listen to their POV and be open not necessarily have to agree with them. Two more quick callers say what Steve has said.

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Pretty good show. They haven't come up with the reason why conservatives aren't activists, which is that we have day jobs. If we feel like there's a problem that needs to be solved, we do something constructive about it; we don't stand around holding signs and shouting slogans to "raise awareness" and so on. Upset about illegal immigration? Go down to the border with binoculars and radios. That's conservative activism.

Posted by: G Rex at December 29, 2005 01:58 PM

Rex: great example about con activism (the Minutemen). You ought to call in and bring that up!

Posted by: Hube at December 29, 2005 02:03 PM

Nope, too busy working to be on hold for a half hour! Fortunately I can listen to the radio in my office and use the computer.

Posted by: G Rex at December 29, 2005 02:07 PM

PJ O'Rourke once recorded a conversation where someone asked "How come when liberals are upset they hold rallies with professionally done signs and hundreds or thousands of people at them, while when conservatives are upset all we can pull off is a few college students waving an American flag?" The answer: "Conservatives have jobs."

One thing I've never understood about the liberal mindset is that their activism is so often geared toward teching people how to get stuff from the government. (Which is somehow called "direct action." Passing the buck to the government is direct?) It would be so much more productive to teach them to take care of themselves to the extent they're able, rather than making them dependent on the government.

Posted by: Paul Smith at December 29, 2005 03:20 PM

Love the "profiling" quote. That whole exchange makes me wonder how the GOP got away from the TR-era conservationism/environmentalism. The GOP used to own this issue at the turn of the previous century. It's worth researching how we got from there to here.

The environmental situation in Delaware can't look too rosy to Democrats. With the governorship and one house of the Legislature, can "environmentalism" and "Delaware Democrats" not also be an oxymoron?

Posted by: Delathought at December 29, 2005 03:32 PM

I wish I could properly attribute this comment:

"Liberals have been driving around with Free Tibet bumper stickers on their Volvos for years, but haven't gotten it done, but George W Bush has freed Afghanistan and Iraq."

Posted by: G Rex at December 29, 2005 03:57 PM

Hube, that's a good description of what went on.

I told Fulcher off the air that I didn't think that the only activists doing their work gratis were on the left. Many conservatives do precisely the same thing. This site is an example.

Oh, I don't believe that Cuba provides better quality healthcare overall. But I do believe that they provide more coverage to their citizens than the USA and they do have more acessible prenatal care then the USA.

Thanks for paying attention, Hube. That was kind of you.

Posted by: Dana Garrett at December 29, 2005 04:08 PM

"That whole exchange makes me wonder how the GOP got away from the TR-era conservationism/environmentalism. The GOP used to own this issue at the turn of the previous century."

No it didn't. Teddy Roosevelt owned it, but even then Republican loyalists hated his emphasis on greater central control and government power at the expense of the free market and industry. But TR had broad popular support so they couldn't stop him while in office. This is why Teddy's 1912 run ended up being as a Progressive not as a Republican. They hated Teddy even more after he split the Republican vote and got Wilson elected.

Posted by: Jeff the Baptist at December 29, 2005 06:10 PM

Dana: Thanks for the Cuba clarification.

I'm not sure how effective this blog is at "conservative activism"; it is something, sure, but it's certainly not equal to the degree that many others (on the right and left) engage in.

Paul's O'Rourke quote I've always thought fairly apt, though I'm sure it's pretty stereotypical. But I've always found cons/Repubs not the "protesting/activist" type. After all, they really don't have to be since they live the status quo. What's there really to protest? Moderate Democrats ditto. It's the left/far-left that needs to protest and engage in activism to change the status quo. That, and their definition of "social justice" is quite different from the typical conservative's.

Posted by: Hube at December 29, 2005 06:25 PM

"But I've always found cons/Repubs not the "protesting/activist" type. After all, they really don't have to be since they live the status quo. What's there really to protest? Moderate Democrats ditto. It's the left/far-left that needs to protest and engage in activism to change the status quo. That, and their definition of "social justice" is quite different from the typical conservative's."

Please stop being more insightful than me, would you? I mean, geeze, I have a certain reputation to keep up.


Posted by: Dana Garrett at December 29, 2005 08:57 PM

I can think of a label for Liz.

Posted by: The Unabrewer at December 29, 2005 11:44 PM

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