December 29, 2005

Great dinner!

That's right -- not only was the food outstanding, but the company as well. Mike of Down With Absolutes!, Tom Noyes of Tommywonk, Dana Garrett of Delaware Watch and I all met up at the excellent Washington Street Ale House in downtown Wilmington (DE) last evening.

Tom, as you may have read, recently subbed for Rick Jensen on his WDEL 1150AM radio show. He's a quite personable fellow, funny and articulate. I had met Mike and Dana previously, and they were just as they were last time (that's a good thing, BTW!). Mike's humor is a perfect fit for me, and Dana can take virtually any topic of conversation into depths I wouldn't have imagined.

Let's do it again soon, gents!

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If you guys have one in January (or later), the chance that I will be able to attend will increase 1000%.

Posted by: Ryan S. at December 29, 2005 10:45 AM

I could have used some "conservative company" there Ryan! ;-)

Seriously, we talked about making the dinner a monthly gig, so we look forward to your presence in January!

Posted by: Hube at December 29, 2005 10:54 AM


Posted by: Ryan S. at December 29, 2005 08:38 PM

I'll have to make it back for one of these.

Posted by: The Unabrewer at December 29, 2005 11:40 PM

It was a great time together the other night. Very pleasant & informative conversation.

I think the tentative plan is for local bloggers to get together once a month.

The more the merrier, I say.

Posted by: Dana Garrett at December 30, 2005 07:47 AM

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