December 10, 2005

"Munich" -- the great debate

Coming soon to theatres: Steven Spielberg's "Munich," which details the Israeli Mossad hit team that offed the terrorists ("Black September", a PLO assassination team) responsible for the murder of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympic games in Munich, Germany.

For [perhaps] a preview, go and rent the very good (made for TV production) "Sword of Gideon" from 1986. It stars Steven Bauer, better known as Manny, Al Pacino's best bud from "Scarface." I caught this film many years ago and was intrigued. It did a nice job covering the gamut of emotions of the Mossad agents, from severe vengeance to prodigious doubts about their actions. (I wonder if a movie will be ever be made where we see Palestinian terrorists expressing doubts about killing innocent men, women and children, eh?)

More here and here.

UPDATE (12/12 at 8:39pm): Tel-Chai Nation has much more, including a controversy surrounding the film's scriptwriter.

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