November 25, 2005

Gotta get back in time

Ah, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez:

If all there was to the Venezuelan president was his backward socialist views, Chavez wouldn't be such a problem. He'd just be a hypocrite whose government enriches itself on highly globalized, state-controlled oil revenues, while he denies the region's privately owned businesses the same opportunity.

The trouble is, Chavez is about much more than hypocrisy. He's become an exporter of revolution, a socialist authoritarian with a Fidel Castro-style agenda to destabilize the region and with oil dollars to finance his ambitions.

Consider how his government takes advantage of Venezuela's oil wealth. When an American driver fills up at the local Citgo station, those gas dollars go from American wallets into Chavez's governing pockets -- after all, his government controls Citgo. From Venezuelan coffers, the money goes to fund leftist narco-insurgencies in Colombia, Ecuador, and other Latin American countries -- insurgencies the U.S. soldiers and U.S. taxpayers have expended great resources to tamp down.

Leftist guerrillas from eight Latin American countries have received training at Venezuelan military bases this year, according to an Ecuadorian intelligence report revealed in a Quito newspaper earlier this month. El Presidente Chavez of course denies the charges. But his recent vows to create a regional, anti-American leftist front, his alliance with Fidel Castro's Cuba, his rising military expenditures and persistent reports that weapons disappear from the Venezuelan military into the hands of regional leftist rebels, make the charges all the more believable.

What is funny (if it wasn't so sad) is Chavez's offer to sell Venezuelan oil to the poor here in the US -- all the while most of his country lives in abject poverty. Idiots like Massachusetts Rep. William Delahunt (Democrat -- surprise!) -- who met with Chavez to help broker the deal -- claim it's only a "humanitarian" gesture. How naive, folks. Again, if Uncle Hugo really cared about helping the poor, he'd worry a lot less about those in the US (who are quite well-off compared to the Venezuelan poor) and concentrate on those who are responsible for him being elected in the first place.

Chavez's "gestures," such that they are, are merely political stunts, most likely orchestrated by -- you guessed it -- Fidel Castro. Fidel is on his way out, and he appears to be grooming his successor. But you think Fidel would learn; Castro has always had somewhat of an adoration of the American Left, but it hasn't helped him in all those 45+ years of power. Why advise Chavez to do the same?

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