November 07, 2005

"Hoosiers" it ain't

Via the AP:

The Hanna High School basketball team can take some consolation: It didn't get shut out.

It did, however, lose 112-2 on Friday night to Earlsboro.

I like the following emphasized line best (that's my emphasis):

The [Earlsboro] Wildcats led 42-0 after one quarter and 73-2 at halftime. [Coach Jim] Walling pulled his starters in the second half, and game officials kept a running clock, stopping it only for free throws.

Pulled the starters in the second half?? Cripes, he really WAS looking for that triple-digit victory! What a jerk.

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First I found this:
Hannah High School
34 students
% Male / % Female 50% / 50%
Total Classroom Teachers 5 teachers
Grade 9 - 8 students
Grade 10 - 7 students
Grade 11 - 11 students
Grade 12 - 8 students
Well, no wonder!! Taking advantage of a small school to run up the score.
But. I googled Earlsboro and found this:
75 students
% Male / % Female 49% / 51%
Total Classroom Teachers 6 teachers
Grade Grade 9 - 28 students
Grade 10 - 15 students
Grade 11 - 14 students
Grade 12 - 18 students

The moral is: Don't smoke dope before the game.

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The above comment can be blamed on me. Forgot to sign in.

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