November 07, 2005

We should just listen to Deepak

Deepak Chopra, that guru of ... whatever it is he's the guru of, wants us to think ... peace.

So where are we now? Still afraid, still unsafe, still without revenge, still losing pride every day in the eyes of other nations, and still inflicting violence without purpose. Terrorism in Northern Ireland wasn't ended by the use of British military force. It was ended by a combination of negotiation, public fatigue, international pressure, and moral force. Certainly it was necessary to forcefully counter IRA terrorist acts and to imprison those who committed acts of terror. But without a peace movement, success is impossible in these situations.

Sadly, a peace movement has barely gotten started since 9/11. The Bush administration set down the argument as pro-war versus anti-war. No thought was given by either faction to achieving peace with the sizable portion of the planet who sees us as a militaristic bully. Among Democrats and independents, I don't detect any willingness to take seriously the truth that peace is our only alternative to a ruinous future devoted to more hatred from the Islamic world and endless skirmishes against insurgents and guerillas as they crop up anywhere.

Earth to Deepak: The IRA isn't (wasn't) an organization bent on world domination via forced religious conversion. They also weren't hell-bent on completely destroying a neighboring country (whom they incidentally vastly numerically outnumber). The "moral force" that Deepak espouses is virtually impossible against Muslim fundamentalists because they have no sense of morals. The only "peace offer" they'll accept is our unconditional surrender.

(Iraq and Afghanistan are two different situations anyway, Deepak. Your "bully" argument has a bit of merit regarding the former, but almost none on the latter.)

Peace is the only alternative, Deepak. Unfortunately, our enemies don't see it that way. Doofus.

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