November 06, 2005

The epitomy of "cretin"

Looks like the Eagles' Terrell Owens may never play another game in an Eagles uniform.


I don't care how talented an individual athlete is. This only matters in sports that are ... individual. Like golf. Like track and field. But in team sports, the individual has to take a back seat to the team. Outstanding individuals do not win championships -- outstanding teams do. Back in 1999, the St. Louis Rams didn't win the Super Bowl because of the incredible talents of Marshall Faulk. Or Isaac Bruce. Or Torry Holt. The won it all because their team was outstanding, led by an outstanding coach (Dick Vermeil).

Blowhards like Owens (and Keyshawn Johnson, whom the Tampa Bay Bucs elected to pay to not play a few years ago for pretty much the same reason as Owens) could well learn a lesson from the aforementioned Marshall Faulk. Faulk, a multiple-time Pro Bowler and 2000 NFL MVP, before this football season started approached his head coach -- Faulk approached him -- about restructuring the Rams' offense to allow new running back Stephen Jackson to flourish. Jackson -- Faulk's competition at the running back position. This is the essence of class. Faulk earlier had also agreed to restructure his contract with the Rams (effectively reducing his salary so the team could remain under salary cap) because he's -- get this -- a team player.

Can you imagine T.O. or Keyshawn Johnson doing something like that? Hell, no. It's all about THEM, not the team. I'd prefer to coach a less-talented team but one composed of team players ... rather than an amalgamation of ego maniacs.

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I'd agree if the Eagles had any other good receivers and the QB could actually read a defense and throw an accurate leading pass once in a while.

If you watch other games, there are a lot of really good receivers out there but stubborn Andy Reid seems to be the only person in the universe that does not agree the Eagles receivers stink (for years now). I side with great players (TO is a trip but he cracks me up). I don't care for Reid or the weasel owners ($15MM under the cap). Soorry, Hube but you are yearning for something that is history in most pro sports.

And most are stil teams sports- I looked at the NBA boxscores Saturday and noticed that of the seven games, the team that had more assists won in six games; the only loser was the Celtics who had more assists than their opponent the Pistons but Celts lost by one. So what you say- I say Iverson is the problem! Not a team player.

Posted by: AJ Lynch at November 6, 2005 06:31 PM

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