November 06, 2005

Post WILM musings

It was great getting together with Ken, Stephen and Joe last evening over at the "throwback" studios of WILM radio. Host Wendy Levine was sans producer, and she was running between the studio and the producer's booth doing ... everything to run the place! Indeed, she was the only employee present. (Someone else -- the producer? -- showed up at 10pm, when we were finished.)

There was some general banter expressed at the studio and at the bar afterwards about making a "bloggers appearance" a regular or semi-regular deal during Wendy's show. Stay tuned.

As you may have heard during the show, Stephen and I indeed expressed our liking of Politakid's outstanding fledgling blog, but I want to note that at show's end last night I was attempting to also give a "shout out" to Mike M.'s awesome Down With Absolutes site. Unfortunately, Wendy was "waving me off," so to speak, as our time had expired (time for a "hard break," I suppose, for a required commercial). These just happen to be two of my fave DE blogs (I dig most of 'em), not only exemplified by their site's content, but by the fact that the sites' proprietors are genuinely nice, personable guys.

Now for the I Really Feel Old Now Dept.: At the Washington Street Ale House after the show, Ken, Stephen and I were sipping our ales (Joe was there earlier, but had to leave after a couple Guinesses) when two familiar-looking women entered the front door. Uh-oh -- I remember one's name. "Steph!" I called out (as in "Stephanie," not to be confused with "Stephen" of Blogolution. Just in case!). Yep, the two were former students of mine, now 22 yrs. old and recent college grads. They were in my classroom back in the 1996-1997 school year. Whoa. To coin a cliché, time flies, eh?

Back to blogging, Joe informed us that he'll be starting up an interactive portion of his site shortly. Right now he has no means for readers to comment directly and immediately (you have to e-mail him), but this will be changing. Cool deal. I definitely dig Joe's commentaries. Also, Ken said he'll definitely be updating Blogolution's blogroll -- as soon as he figures out how. This may sound comical at first glance, but anyone familiar with blog programs knows this can indeed be a technical hassle. You have to know quite a bit of [HTML, for one] code and where to change/place it. We use Movable Type here at Colossus, and even though the [web-based] interface is quite user-friendly, changing the look and feel of the blog can be trying if you're not well versed in the needed code. I learned most of what I needed (wanted) simply by Googling the research I required, and through trial and error when applying it. I got most of the kinks out working on the old "Hube's Cube," so anything I (or the other guys) wanted to do with Colossus so far has been relatively hassle free.

Thanks to all who tuned in, and thanks to Wendy Levine for allowing us to spew our opinions on her show!

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