November 05, 2005

Lower case "c"

Folks, it doesn't get much dopier than this: EU mandates that "Christ" be spelled with a lower case "c."

It must be getting a little too close for Christmas for the chi-chi crystal palace of the pretentious European Union. Pooh-bahs in Brussels have come up with a new grammar rule for themselves and the Netherlands--making it official that the name "Christ" will soon be written with a lower-case "c". That was the stipulation in an orthography reform published earlier this month in Brussels.

According to the agency, the new spelling legislation will also stipulate that the Dutch word for "jews" (joden) be spelled with a capital "J" when referring to nationality and with a lower-case "j" when referring to the religion. The changes will be mandatory in August of 2006. There is no description of the fines offenders will face if they keep right on spelling "Christ" with a capital "C".

Well, I suppose European Jews are 50% happy!

And these are the societies that the American Left wants the US to emulate? Oh, right, that makes sense -- obliterate all traces of religion and mandate groupthink. Perfectly in line with the American Left.

(h/t: PC Watch.)

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