November 01, 2005

U. of D. Looks to Counter Hate Crimes ...

... because it's such an "epidemic"? Hardly. In a campus of approximately 19,000, the FBI noted that there were -- ready? -- FIVE instances of "hate crimes" at UD in 2003. In 2004 it went up a "staggering" two instances. In 2005, it's up to 13.


And it is. Delaware is having a "Stop the Hate" march today, where everyone will be treated to "various groups making presentations," and "facilitators leading discussions." One can only imagine what will be discussed. If it's anything like what goes on in many humanities college classrooms, it'll be full of politically correct "white-racism-is-to-blame-for-everything" socio-babble.

I wonder if criticism of policies such as affirmative action or gay "marriage" will be considered "hate speech" on campus.

UD President David Roselle instituted a "zero tolerance" policy for hate crimes recently. Maybe he can do the same for 1st Amendment protected speech?

The WNJ reports one lesbian student was "victimized" by someone who had written "dyke" on a whiteboard outside her dorm room. "Victimized"? Isn't that a little extreme? People get asinine things written on dorm whiteboards all the time. Will the university have "zero tolerance" if someone writes "asshole" on someone's whiteboard? Or "prick"? Or something similar? Aren't these just as hateful as "dyke"? Can people say they were "victimized" by such profanity?

The WNJ interviews Lauren Stephenson who related the lesbian student's incident. Stephenson, who is lesbian herself, said she hasn't been a victim of "hate" herself, but was "'forced' out of her dorm freshman after a negative experience with a roommate who 'wasn't tolerant of her sexuality."

How was she "forced" out, first of all? What was negative about her experience? How was the roommate "not tolerant"? This is the WNJ at its typical self, portraying Stephenson as an "innocent victim" in the matter because she's gay -- and the roommate obviously must be some Neanderthal-browed redneck. Question: How many straight people would feel comfortable rooming with a gay person, especially freshman year? It's a quite logical question. After all, if it's supposed to be "no big deal," then why not just have co-ed HABITATION? In other words, what does it matter if a girl and GUY room together? Oh, you mean they might be sexually attracted to one another? (Making the connection yet?) If a girl felt uncomfortable about having a guy as her freshman roommate, would she be "intolerant"? Would her guy roommate thus have a "negative experience"?

The common sense of the article comes from Newark Police Lt. Thomas LeMin, who said "hate crimes are uncommon in the Newark community." The statistics noted above and in the article certainly bear him out. But that won't stop a university! We've seen this at other campuses around the country where even FAKE hate crimes reporting hasn't stifled marches. Indeed, the fake incidents are utilized as "Well, the issue is still one of great importance and one can never speak out against 'hate' enough." Even if nothing happened.


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Man, defacing whiteboards/bulletin boards in some manner in the dorms (at UD) was so commonplace, I'd estimate that 3/4 of those in my freshman hall could possibly have been brought up on some kind of "hate crime"!

Posted by: Hube at November 1, 2005 06:26 PM

I happily did not participate in the "Hate March," because this is complete lefty-PC-BS.

While true hate crimes are bad, overreporting just makes it worse.

Posted by: Ryan S. at November 1, 2005 07:58 PM

Too bad I wasn't able to sue someone for calling me fat in high school Oh yeah, I wasn't offened. Great post, Felix. I'm tired of the rampant political correctness on college campuses. The "dyke" who was offended needs to build a bridge and get over it. Adversity is common in life.

And though those who are bigots disgust me, I'm still TOLERANT of their rights to freedom of speech and the like. These "Stop the Hate" folks could take a lesson.

Posted by: Mike M. at November 1, 2005 08:33 PM

aahhhhh....common sense out the window at a college campus.....go figure......instead of a 'stop the hate' march you think the students would be marching for 'stop the rate increase' of tuition!

Posted by: schmitt at November 1, 2005 09:36 PM

Well, no, because most people here, their parents pay.

Posted by: Ryan S. at November 1, 2005 10:02 PM

Indeed, the fake incidents are utilized as "Well, the issue is still one of great importance and one can never speak out against 'hate' enough." Even if nothing happened.

It seems that as long as Leftists can get together and feel good about "Doin' somethin'!" then they do not care about reality. They have some moral vanity that must be stoked based on abstractions like "race" and "gays" so it's not about actually helping people, as people.

The reasoning is reduced to the level of a Jerry Springer show, "Don't be hatin'!" by people that hate to be questioned. Don't you just hate that? Apparently given this type of philosophy as long as you have the correct subjective feelings it does not matter what actually happens in physical reality. It gives them a good feeling to march, so they march. Then next week some mental midget writes the same thing on the bulletin board again, as conversations that people have with their friends on a personal level have a far greater impact than the Herd marching.

"When a hundred men stand together, each of them loses his mind and gets another one."
--Friedrich Nietzsche

Posted by: mynym at November 1, 2005 10:35 PM

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