October 25, 2005

Who?? What's that?

Poor Mike M. over at Down With Absolutes! I was picking my daughter up from school and had the tail end of WDEL's Rick Jensen Show on the radio. Rick had Fox News's John Gibson on, who was hawking his new book about the Left's "war" on Christmas:

Rick: OK, we have a call from Mike.

Mike: Hi, I'm Mike from Down With Absolutes!

Rick: Who? What's that?

Mike: Mike, from Down With Absolutes! That's my blog. You've never heard of it?

Rick: Um, no.

Mike: Well, OK. Anyway ...

I hadda laugh, Mike m'man! Mainly 'cause I probably would have said something similar, and Rick would have had an identical response! Rick obviously ain't as with it with DE blogs as downstate's Dan Gaffney and WDEL/News Journal's Al Mascitti.

You sounded great otherwise, Mike. I didn't agree with your point about Gibson's book, but I did with what you said about the ACLU. And, you have a good radio voice!

You 'da man!

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I'm more embarassed that Jensen didn't know who I was rather than fumbling up a line I'd rehearsed to take on Gibson. I mean, I'm all ego. How could Jensen NOT have heard of the great Mike M. from Down with Absolutes fame????

Posted by: Mike M. at October 25, 2005 06:23 PM

As a semi-retired blogger with an unfortunate name, I can assure you that Rick Jensen used to be more in tune with the blogosphere. He sent me a few emails asking me to change my name because people thought he was me.

Posted by: RickJ at November 2, 2005 12:58 PM

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