October 24, 2005

What is up with I.E.?

Man, does Microsoft's Internet Explorer blow or what? See what happens when you get a virtual monopoly? You get sloppy. Not only has our blog seen its share of formatting hassles with IE, but I've seen, more and more, other bloggers complaining about the same thing.

At home and work, "Colossus's" links are all shunted to the bottom of the last post on the main page when using IE. In addition, our "Who We Are," our e-mail addy and the "About Us" link play disappearing games. They're there sometimes, other times not.

This is why we have the "This site is best viewed with Netscape or Firefox browsers" note at right. I've yet to encounter a formatting problem with either browser. They do things right, obviously.

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I hardly ever go a week without saying at least once " Bill Gates Sucks" referring to his software. But you gotta admit, he is one hell of a businesman.

Posted by: AJ Lynch at October 24, 2005 05:37 PM

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