October 15, 2005

Diversity conundrum

We've said it before (most recently here), and we'll say it again: "Diversity" doesn't equate to any academic benefits, and those who argue loudest for "diversity" never can answer why the supposed "benefit" of their ideology doesn't apply to HBCs -- Historically Black Colleges. John Rosenberg picks up on the latest example. And, like John's Florida A&M post, more recently Delaware State University recently revealed its own share of ... troubles. Wonder how that will affect enrollment.

Notice what John posts about the University of Kentucky:

That explanation (about reasons why black enrollment dropped) brought an angry response from several black Kentucky lawmakers, who accused the university of offering poor excuses for its own failure to maintain diversity...

However, at Delaware State the "legacy of an historically black institution" cannot be "disregarded." Today, Delaware's very own race hustler, Jea Street, continued to say as much:

"All are welcome at our university, and should be welcome, but we can't stand idly by and allow the legacy of the institution to change. He (DSU President Allen Sessoms) needs to go, and the board needs to go. The onus falls on the governor. I want to hear two words from him: 'I quit.' "

Don't believe Street for a second. If Sessoms' efforts to "increase diversity" succeed, and whites begin to outnumber blacks at DSU, Street will be screaming bloody murder about DSU's "lost legacy" and will have forgotten all about his "all are welcome" statement mighty quick.

But therein lies the conundrum: Sessoms, like those black lawmakers Rosenberg noted in Kentucky, want "diversity" -- apparently for its supposed educational/academic benefits. However, one of the reasons Sessoms is under fire (by black lawmakers and alumni alike) at DSU is precisely because of his spoken efforts to increase ... diversity! Loudmouths like Street are constantly in the newspaper and local TV screaming about how [public] school choice in Delaware is leading to "resegregation"; but it's plain 'ol Jea just wants his cake and to be able to eat it too -- as evidenced by his ranting about DSU.

For the record: We at Colossus believe that HBCs should be allowed to maintain their unique legacy and identity. But we also recognize that "diversity" is a pitiful excuse for a desire to increase "academic achievement," and university efforts to do whatever it takes to increase such "diversity" (ie, minority enrollment) are largely a waste of time of money.

(Thanks to Hube for his assist on this post!)

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I, on the other hand, as a believer in equal treatment under the law, believe that HBCs should be hounded and harried by public and private legal action which forces them to adopt special programs, preferential admissions programs, timetables and plans of action for bringing their student bodies into the exact ratios of ethnic groups as are found in their respective states. Failure to do this should result in contempt sanctions and judicial control over the administration of the HBCs.

You know -- exactly what was done at HWCs.

Posted by: Rhymes With Right at October 15, 2005 09:50 AM

total agreement with RWR's post above....total agreement and kudos.

Posted by: schmitt at October 15, 2005 10:34 PM

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