October 07, 2005

The best ambassador

Ignore the neo-socialist rantings of Venezuelan ambassador Bernardo Alvarez during his visit to Delaware. And a cultural exchange? Screw him on that, too. You want Venezuelan culture? Get some tickets to the Los Amigos Invisibles show at Philly's Theatre of Living Arts (TLA) on Oct. 29. That's some authentic Venezuelan culture for 'ya!

And don't just take my word for it -- ask Mike over at Down With Absolutes. At our "blogger dinner" over a month ago, Mike informed me that he had purchased an Amigos CD -- and loved it! Mike is a David Byrne (from Talking Heads fame) fan, and Los Amigos are signed to the Luaka Bop label, which is owned by Byrne.

(By the way -- at that blogger dinner ... if you didn't already know, I take back what I said about Garrett. He's a total dick.)

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Hadn't just purchased ONE CD, Hube. I've got three of them. And they ARE good! I'd buy a disc by a band reading from a Chinese menu if Byrne had endorsed it. He's got some great taste.

Posted by: Mike M. at October 7, 2005 04:41 PM

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