October 05, 2005

How dare you be politically active, you ... you ...

high schooler you!

The Maine College Republicans are expressing strong support of Lewiston High School senior Brent Bowen, whose First Amendment rights were violated by a member of the school's faculty during an unfortunate incident there last week.

The incident occurred last Monday when Bowen, who founded the first Teenage Republican chapter in Maine, was handing out copies of the official Maine College Republican newspaper, The Pachyderm Press, in the school cafeteria: "After handing out the paper at the first lunch, an openly socialist teacher came up and questioned me," recounted Bowen. "She asked whether I had permission to hand out the paper." After replying that there was no policy regarding handouts at lunch, the faculty member then told Bowen he had to get permission from school administrators to continue handing the newspaper out. "I didn't know I needed permission to practice free speech," Bowen remarked.

Well, there are limits to free speech in schools, but this certainly doesn't appear to be of a nature that would "disrupt the educational environment." Indeed, it looks as if it would serve to enlighten the typical apathetic slug student, whatever his/her political beliefs. But it gets better:

After receiving the support of the school's vice principal to continue handing out The Pachyderm Press, Bowen was confronted by a group of faculty who threatened him with suspension. "It's actually not the first time I've been threatened like that because of my political views," said Bowen. "Another Lewiston High School faculty member ripped four or five of the newspapers up in frustration after hearing I had permission to distribute them. The papers certainly made quite a splash at Lewiston High," he concluded.

Unfortunately for Bowen, it won't get any better for him in college. American campuses are the perfect bastions for groupthink and groupspeak -- as long as your beliefs and discussions are of the prevailing "approved" orthodoxy, you'll be OK. That is to say, contrary to much of what Bowen probably believes if he ticked off some socialist teachers.

And what kind of friggin' example do these "teachers" set? That speech you don't like is to be prevented? That opinions you don't approve of should be torn up? Is it any wonder many people refer to these idiots as "anti-American"? After all, what's more un-American than purposely stifling political speech?

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I wonder if the ACLU will rush to this kid's defense? If only he were a black, Jewish lesbian.

Posted by: Gooch at October 9, 2005 10:15 AM

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