September 26, 2005

We need more Hugo Chávez's


Here's Uncle Hugo's view of the current US government:

"This U.S. administration -- the current government -- is a terrorist administration, not all U.S. governments. I entertained the best of relations with the Clinton administration, and I consider myself a good friend of former President Carter. ... This administration invaded Iraq. According to Pope John Paul II, it is an illegal war, an immoral war, a terrorist war. The U.S. has bombarded entire cities, used chemical weapons and napalm, killed women, children and thousands of soldiers. That's terrorism. ... This [present U.S.] government is a threat to humanity. I have confidence that the American people will save humanity from this government -- they will not allow it to [continue to] violate human rights and to invade countries. ... Regarding who is in the White House, it's up to you, the American people. Think it over. A government with so much power that it can start a war and destabilize a country but doesn't take care of its own people. Now, before the hurricane, they knew that Katrina was coming, and the government did not evacuate people. In Cuba, when they know a hurricane is coming, chickens, hens and people are all evacuated."

Of course, Hugo is just Castro lite, but ... chemical weapons? Napalm? Doesn't care for its own people? Was the Clinton admin. "terrorist" for its illegal war in Kosovo?

Oh, and Hugo buddy -- before you offer cheap or free oil to our "poor," take a gander at your own country's standard of living first, eh? Try using that lush oil revenue to shape things up. Maybe you can actually do it without resorting to an oil-rich, Saudi-ish authoritarian government.

What's that? You are instituting an authoritarian government?

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