September 23, 2005

Why not? Let's blame Bush ... or racism

Hube sends me a link to the following: [Historically black] Delaware State University students face overcrowding.

Maybe Delaware State will attribute these oversized classes to ... racism? "This problem began two years ago and has steadily gotten worse," said Lee Streetman, associate professor of sociology. Well, let's see -- George Bush was indeed president two years ago -- 2003 -- and as we all saw in New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina, he "just doesn't care about black people." Kanye West said so, after all. So, maybe we can blame him?

The average class size at DSU is supposed to be in the mid-20s, officials said. Say whaaat?? Mid-20s for a university? And there Hube is teaching middle school where he reports his average class size is -- wait for it -- 34! Maybe we can blame George Bush for this, too.

Then there's this article where DSU alumni want university president Allen Sessoms axed. Albert Outlaw (great name), alumni association president, said the current administration, led by Sessoms, "is not building on the university's legacy as a historically black college" and has instituted policies "eroding the quality of academic instruction." That sounds racist! Sessoms must be a racist!!

Among the association's concerns: a lack of black administrators... Sessoms must be a racist!!

"He has at times made disparaging remarks about the university, its faculty, staff and students. ..." Since DSU is predominately black, this must mean Sessoms is racist!!

"Your actions and statements, both public and private, clearly demonstrate that you are not a proponent of the mission of Delaware State University specifically, and historically black colleges and universities generally [sic]," the letter stated. Sessoms must be racist!!

Oh yeah, sorry -- Sessoms is black.

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the fact that he is black does not matter....because he 'must be' of the uncle tom racist variety......or he got ahead via quotas and doesn't want anyone else to have his same assistance to get ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or, maybe, just maybe, he has a vision to improve the higher learning environment of a school that is known for having no real academic standards when compared with other institutions of learning!

Posted by: cardinals fan at September 23, 2005 10:01 PM

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