September 21, 2005

They're there to save your life ...

.... and you bitch because they're not diverse??? Talk about friggin' obscene:

The Red Cross has been praised for its tireless efforts assisting storm victims in Middle Tennessee. But there are concerns in the black community that the organization lacks diversity, especially in an effort helping mostly black evacuees.

The Red Cross Shelter in Franklin opened its doors to storm victims last week. It’s only one of two shelters in Middle Tennessee. The other is in Nashville.

Both shelters are in suburban areas, and the volunteers are predominately white, while the evacuees are almost all black.

Some members of the African-American community say that’s not good enough. “When you're different and you're the lone person, you do feel different. When you're in crisis you like to have some familiarity there,” says Joyce Searcy with the Bethlehem Centers of Nashville.

Feeling "different" as opposed to say ... feeling not dead??

The cult of multiculturalism has officially reached the zenith of absurdity, I'm here to tell 'ya.

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Why don't some of these evacuees start volunteering? What else are they doing all day? With the influx of people to the area, why do the locals have to do all the work? I see the video on TV of the shelters and the evacuees are all just laying around on cots.

You want to live in a shelter? Help us build a shelter, you lazy ingrates.

Posted by: DelaVoice at September 22, 2005 04:38 PM

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