September 19, 2005

It just doesn't stop

The buffoonery of the insulated Left, that is. Today it's milksop NY Times columnist Paul Krugman who states -- wait for it -- that "the reason America is more conservative than most countries-specifically, the reason it favors smaller government-is that it is bigoted." (Link -- direct NY Times link requires paid subscription.)

Fortunately Roger Clegg dissects such nonsense. He says

How does one respond to a line like, "George W. Bush-who, like Mr. Reagan, isn't personally a racist but relies on the support of racists," except with "Paul Krugman-who isn't a moron but whose column is enjoyed by morons"? Except that this response gives Krugman too much credit.

He also points out that in the book America in Black and White, it shows that

the percentage of Americans who say they dislike African Americans is lower than the percentage of those in European countries who say they dislike their principal domestic minority group. In the U.S., that is, 13 percent say they dislike blacks; in France, 42 percent say they dislike North Africans.

Ah yes, those "enlightened" Europeans. The same Euros whose press delights in our Katrina ills, but whose own recent natural disaster death toll was only much worse, but ridiculously more avoidable.

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The new issue of American Enterprise focuses on 'Blue State' Europe! I can't wait to read this issue. Note- any former American Spectator readers who gave up their subscription when they went to a more scientific focus....if you are searching for an outstanding, conservative monthly- this is it!

Posted by: schmitt at September 20, 2005 08:46 PM

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