September 17, 2005

It's still Israel's fault

Well, that's what dopey anti-Israel nutjobs would say. But Soccer Dad notes happenings in Gaza after the Israeli pullout:

Let's just go over what's happened in the past week:

1) The Palestinians destroyed the standing buildings that used to be synagogues.
2) Hamas blew a whole in the security fence and the border between Gaza and Egypt was open to uncontrolled traffic both ways.
3) So many arms came into Gaza that the prices for weaponry and ordnance dropped precipitously.
4) There are indications that Al Qaeda is planning or has set up a base in Gaza.
5) The Egyptian army did nothing to stem the tide of the traffic either way ensuring that the security situation would deterirate.
6) Once again (or more) Abbas said that he'll confront Hamas. (He sounds like Annie. "Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow ....")

Were any of these outcomes unforeseeable?

Nope. Not even for people with myopia.

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