September 15, 2005

Once more, the perils of phony intellectual superiority

What better way to thwart argument and debate than ... to simply declare it so. Once again, it's Dana Garrett:

"The case is so clear and unambiguous against Bush it is remarkable that purportedly objective people would even entertain for a single moment that the issue is substantially debatable." (Link.)

Get it? Just like here, phony intellectualism sure doesn't equate to facts. (Garrett believes that a House report on the Katrina disaster unequivocally pins all the blame on, you guessed it, George W. Bush. And if you don't think so, well, see the quote above.)

Of course, whatever LA Governor Blanco and NO Mayor Nagin have to say is, well gospel. But in the real world, in yet another instance of the governor being clueless and yet lashing out at everyone else is shown here. She screams at FEMA now for "moving too slowly in recovering the bodies" that are floating around the now-receding flood waters. However,

Federal Emergency Management Agency spokesman David Passey said the state asked to take over body recovery last week. "The collection of bodies is not normally a FEMA responsibility," he said.


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We can all agree that some people should be given absolutely no credibility. Here is my somewhat bi-partisan list: Delay, Conyers, Kennedy, Biden, Specter,Jackson, Pelosi, Reid, Perzel (republican state rep) and the rest of the PA state legislature. But most especially Conyers!

Posted by: AJ Lynch at September 15, 2005 09:52 PM

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