September 14, 2005

I was late with my registration, they went out of their way to accommodate me, but ...

... they're racist.

Middletown Historical Society members, who organized the parade, said they were flabbergasted by Register of Wills Diane Clarke Streett's claim. They said they went out of their way to accommodate Streett, who signed up late and did not have her own car to ride in.

"I think we went above and beyond," said Dick Smyth, parade chairman. "I just feel like the Middletown Historical Society has been slandered."

Festival leaders said they bent the rules to accommodate Streett. The parade's registration deadline was Aug. 1, but when Bawa called Smyth on Aug. 2 to say Streett wanted to be in the parade, Smyth faxed her an entry form. He sent a second form Aug. 3 to be sure she got it. Later that day, he received a completed form and a note asking for placement in an open car because Streett did not have transportation.

"It's our policy not to provide vehicles," Smyth said. He made an exception, arranging to borrow a car and secure a driver for Streett. "We didn't do that for anyone else," Smyth said.

Yet another example of how the "R" word -- somewhat of a modern-day Scarlet Letter -- continues to lose its potency. If you want people to take racism seriously -- and I mean most people -- don't come off as an idiot, frankly. Along this line, James Taranto yesterday noted how recent poll results about Katrina and race reflect that most people just don't buy the whole "racism played a role" bit. He says:

The truth about race that Katrina illuminates, then, is that, at least when it comes to matters involving race, black Americans are extreme political outliers. This is why attempts to play the race card are politically futile: They have to appeal not just to blacks, but to a substantial minority of whites. The Gallup poll results makes clear that the current racial appeals are not resonating with whites.

Does this then mean that [white] America is invariably racist? Certainly not. When real racism raises its ugly head, the vast majority of whites (and all) Americans will fight it. But, as a caveat, unfortunately it's the race hustlers who invoke the "R" word at every conceivable instance who need to look in the mirror when real racism may not be taken as seriously as it should. Sadly, it's the 'ol "boy who cried wolf" scenario.

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