August 31, 2005

I don't get it

What I don't get part Nth: Why is it that everytime -- and I mean everytime -- I go for my three-mile run, at least two cars will pull out of either a road or driveway ... at the exact moment I get there?? What are the chances of that? I'm not talking about me being even a mere 10 feet away or so, either. It's the exact moment I get to the intersection. I'd like to see what the precise scientific odds are of that, man.

Speaking of running, Ive been trying to up my running from every other day to every day. It's tough doing three miles a day at my age, but I've been managing it, and the main reason is that my "bad" cholesterol has been high. But since my first test, my sister suggested I get second test to be sure the first one's results were accurate. I did, and thankfully my "bad" and overall cholesterol numbers were significantly lower on that second test! The doc thus said I didn't need Lipitor; instead, I should now try a fish oil vitamin supplement, as well as a niacin tablet, daily.


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Hello there!

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