August 27, 2005

"Best show on TV"?

I wouldn't go as far as the Sci Fi Channel advertises, but the new "Battlestar Galactica" is pretty darn good. It's much more realistic than the 1979 original, but neatly incorporates aspects of its predecessor. Still, a Battlestar fan site voices many of my questions and "WTF?"s. One thing that I just don't plain get is how friggin' gullible the surviving humans constantly are. I mean, the Cylons -- the bad guy robots -- now are in human form, and they've wreaked some all-out havoc (besides the almost complete destruction of the human race, that is!). Commander Adama (played awesomely by Edward James Olmos) was almost killed by one such Cylon in last season's cliffhanger, but here we are well into the second season and we still have the human higher-ups trusting and listening to some of these genocidal robots! Yeesh. Let's see -- there are only some 47K humans left out of billions, but instead of destroying any Cylon we meet, we're gonna "try to understand them." And by keeping them around, they eventually cause us hell. Give me a break.

That nonsense aside, the new series has delved deeper into the human race's best hope -- that of finding the lost "13th tribe," or Earth. Last night's episode was boss as Adama and co. discovered an ancient "map" that showed their own [now destroyed] 12 Colonies as viewed from Lost Colony 13 -- Earth. (The 12 Colonies of "Galactica" are named loosely for the 12 horoscope signs, by the way. Another neat Earth folklore tie-in.)

Also cool is Richard Hatch playing a recurring character on the show. Hatch was "Apollo" on the original series, and he's written numerous "Battlestar" novels since. He also was mighty close to having his own "Galactica" series produced in 1999-2000 which would have been a direct sequel to the '79 show.

"Battlestar Galactica" is on at 10pm EST Friday nights on the Sci Fi Channel.

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