August 24, 2005

Always finding "bias"

From today's Wilmington, DE News Journal: Obesity on the rise in almost every state.

In the article, we're treated to the usual pontificating about how to combat our fatty selves, but this paragraph sticks out:

Dr. Delia West, a professor of public health in Arkansas, said demographics play a part. The South has a larger percentage of minorities, who have shown an increased risk for obesity. She said Southerners also tend to lead a more sedentary lifestyle than their counterparts in states such as Colorado or Oregon. People will find fewer jogging trails in Little Rock than in Denver, she said.

Is this just yet another media attempt to find some sort of racial bias in an otherwise unrelated story? I mean, is it because there are fewer jogging trails in the South that there's a higher incidence of obesity in that region, or that there's fewer jogging trails in the South because the folks there (minorities, especially!) are just more sedentary? I actually tend to think the latter (sans the gratuitous "minority" reference), but media word tricks are funny y'know. After all, how many people see the word "minorities," read that "people will find fewer jogging trails" [where they live] and make a connection? I know! If there were more jogging trails in the South, minorities (and, oh yeah -- everyone else) wouldn't suffer from so much obesity!

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