August 23, 2005

Why the Dems aren't gaining ...

... despite Bush's dismal poll numbers: They offer absolutely no alternative. [Another] case in point -- Colleen Rowley on MSNBC's "Hardball" last night. Rowley was one of Time magazine's "People of the Year" in 2002 for her "whistleblowing" against the FBI's lack of investigations into terrorism. Now, she's running for Congress in Minnesota. When asked by "Hardball's" guest host last evening what she would do in Iraq (since she had no shortage of criticism of the president), she had no answer. None.

Transcript link later today when it becomes available.

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I can't say that's a real profound observation. I mean, the reason Dems (or anyone else) have no answer about what to do in Iraq is...there is no easy answer.
I mean, hey, what happens when someone is foolish enough to get us into a really messed up situation with no plan to get out? It's hard to get out. Shocking!

The answers aren't easy. I don't fault Bush for not knowing what to do now. But for the right to pooh-pooh those who criticize the President's past actions by saying, "Well, what's done is done... but how are you people going to get us out of it?" is just unreal.

Posted by: dan at August 25, 2005 10:49 PM

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