August 16, 2005

Sounds interesting, indeed

Ben Affleck is working on creating a TV series titled "Resistance" -- which deals with a "second American Revolution":

"Resistance," to be produced by Touchstone and Live Planet, will be set in the not-so-distant future, imagining a United States that's been divided into separate countries following a pair of catastrophic terror attacks.

[It] will follow a band of modern patriots who are attempting to bring back the Bill of Rights and reunify the country. One person familiar with the pitch said the show ultimately will be a hopeful hour because of its pro-democracy bent.

But as Greg says over at Rhymes With Right,

do you want to make a guess who the "bad guys" are going to be? I doubt they will be swarthy fellows named Muhammad and Akbar. I suspect that more than a few will have the title "Reverend", and that none will be "Imam".

But then again, I could be wrong. Affleck might actually make a real, honest-to-God patriotic show about in which folks try to restore the Constitution as written, not as modified by the liberal courts of the last seven decades.

I'd bet good money on your first assessment, Greg.

First I want to know: what were the "catastrophic" terror attacks? Nukes? Gas? Biological? Second, why would this lead to a fracturing of the United States? Was one part of the country more adversely affected? Third, wouldn't such attacks rightly lead to something like martial law, at least temporarily? You probably won't hear that in Affleck's drama. Here's what I'd guess about "Resistance": After the attacks, the federal gov. declared martial law and suspended the Bill of Rights, but when the danger passed the conservative president refused to lift the emergency declaration, and as a result the USA became a "dictatorship." The "modern patriots" in Affleck's vision will fight against this conservative president and his minions (as Greg noted, most likely people with the title "reverend" before their names) to restore the Constitution. (And, as Greg says, you can bet it won't be the Constitution -- or Bill of Rights -- that the Founders originally envisioned!)

On what basis do I make my predictions? Just check out Ben's (and buddy Matt Damon's) "Good Will Hunting." Damon's character's (Will) first meeting with Robin Williams' character (Sean Maguire) is a virtual advertisement for leftist academics Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky. Indeed, Damon later narrated a documentary on Zinn, "You Can't be Neutral on a Moving Train." Second, it plainly wouldn't be politically correct to make the bad guys Islamic fundamentalists. The popular show "24" had to include disclaimers that "not all Muslims were terrorists," and, ironically, an Affleck movie "The Sum of All Fears" changed its book premise of Islamic terrorists nuking a US city to white supremacists when it made the move to the silver screen.

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