August 12, 2005

Supressing the vote -- for the "right" reasons

S.D. Melzer notes how the far-left By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) is attempting to prevent the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative from even getting to a vote:

The group, which lives in a Malcolm X-inspired fantasy world ... has been engaged in a long guerilla campaign to prevent the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI) from getting on the state ballot.

This initiative, backed by Ward Connerly, the California businessman who successfully spearheaded a similar effort in his home state, seeks to end, once and for all, racial preferences in public universities and state government.

Polls have repeatedly shown that over 60% of Michigan voters oppose preferences, even though the U.S. Supreme Court last year ruled them constitutional in a lawsuit challenging University of Michigan admission polices.

But instead of doing the hard work required in a democracy to convince voters, BAMN has been using its patented formula of political intimidation and legal harassment in an attempt to strangle the initiative in the crib. Last year, it disrupted initiative meetings on college campuses and tailed initiative signature-seekers, denouncing through bullhorns any student who approached them.

BAMN has also challenged the wording of the Initiative and attempted to invalidate signatures. Their basis? BAMN-signed affidavits attesting to supposed fraud:

But BAMN's evidence of fraud consists not of any audio or video recording of the deception, something that Stephen J. Safranek, the legal counsel for MCRI, notes it could have easily obtained given its habitual shadowing of signature-seekers. Rather, its evidence consists mostly of affidavits that BAMNers themselves signed after supposedly conducting phone interviews with duped voters. Only a handful of the affidavits were actually written and signed by the voters themselves.

Mr. Melzer concludes by noting what has become, sadly, how race is debated by the Left:

Why BAMN has no use for democracy is perfectly clear. In its totalitarian, morally righteous universe, political opponents deserve no voice. Those who reject racial preferences are not honorable individuals with different views--they are "racist devils."

John Rosenberg has more.

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