August 08, 2005


Publius Pundit dissects Venezuela's municipal elections, which may have had a single digit turnout. Commenter "catchy" defends Venezuelan pres. Hugo Chavez noting, among other things, the following:

you’re blinded by the fact that Chavez is anti-American/leftist into thinking he wasn’t popularly elected. That much is transparent.

I’m sure the voting isn’t perfect. Wasn’t here either. You’ve provided no basis for even suspecting widespread fraud. Keep trying and for G*d’s sake be a little more discerning with your sources.

Fine, I say to catchy. Now please relay this exact sentiment to the Left here in this country regarding the 2000 and 2004 elections, would you? (I recall Hube writing a bit about this very thing back after Chavez' recall election.) Folks like Harry Belafonte, Dick Gregory and "Judge" Greg Mathis, who, besides saying the usual nasty things about the president, recently yammered on about the usual "election theft" charges of '00 and '04.

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