August 08, 2005

Costa Rica, part 3

Hmm. Fellow Delawarean and far-leftist extraordinaire Dana Garrett has commented on my first Costa Rica post with some ... intriguing allegations. Here's a sample (my emphasis):

Interesting that you would characterize Costa Rica as possessing an “extremely long history of political stability.” Does that include CR’s death squads that were responsible for the mass killings and disappearances twenty years ago of peasants, trade unionists, human rights activists, leftists, just about anyone suspected of not toeing the government’s line?

I must admit I was quite shocked to read this. Being that I'd like to think I'm open-minded and certainly not a know-it-all (even on a topic with which I'm quite familiar), I asked Dana for some solid evidence to back up his claims before I told him I thought he was putting forth obscene charges. (I think he may be confusing Costa Rica with what occurred in nearby El Salvador.) My curiosity piqued, I turned to an investigator's best friend -- Google -- and searched. The result thus far?


This site, which should appeal so to Dana, has nothing regarding his claims, and if such a site would provide evidence of atrocities, you'd probably expect it at this World Policy Institute site which, among other things, purports to "nurture a new generation of writers and public intellectuals committed to internationalist thinking and to provide students in the New School community with an opportunity to gain practical experience in policy research and advocacy on global issues".

OK, I just got an e-mail from Dana and he claims he tried to provide URLs in his comment for substantiation, but was unable. I checked with Rhodey, and he tells me that HTML has always been allowed in comments. Even so, why not just copy and paste the URL as plain text? Dana also says that "my wife not knowing about any CR atrocities" is understandable, since many in the US are also unaware of such things. Don't you just love that implicit condescension? That somehow, far-leftists "know" more than you and me? Why would I (or anyone else, especially Ticos) want to NOT know about Costa Rican atrocities and/or mass killings from 20 years ago? I've studied CR up and down and never, ever encountered such stories. That Dr. M wasn't aware of any either seriously brings into question Dana's allegations, relevant URLs notwithstanding.

I'll keep you posted.

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Hmmm. Dana can't link to a URL? Let's see if I can link to yahoo.

My interest in this is purely academic--I had an arugument with a leftist person on a pet rat list who made all sorts of outrageous claims and never backed 'em up. She had a million excuses, and they all stank to high heaven--as does Dana's, because I'm adding this bit while looking at the preview version of my first sentence.

I agree, though, Dana may be confusing Costa Rica with El Salvador, and thereby proves a horrible stereotype of white people ;)

Posted by: Victor at August 8, 2005 02:18 PM